Our Philosophy

The Alchemix suggests by concept. It is made up of a cocktail area and a dining area –with a gourmet sample menu – which share the same essence in order to grow. As a result of the culinary and gastronomic study carried out by both proprietors, the guest will be greeted with various macerated drinks and The Alchemix Table, a periodic table recreating the one used by the alchemists, where Ussía explains the origin of his creations, the products used, their longevity, the sensations on the palate,… The dining area, which greets you with ochre tones and a great forest mural, rounds off the experience and balances the proposal between dishes and drinks. All of them, cocktails included, define a gastronomic line that links Catalonia and Asia. Combining different types of knowledge.
The Alchemix opens in the afternoon, for the expert’s after work, to enliven with “mouth spirit raisers” and special cocktails. After this, and before the restaurant, or else for the prior or post dinner, a sofa and two high tables direct their gaze at two paintings from the Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who recreates the human face using flowers and fruit. When you look at them you will understand. The alchemy will have taken effect.