Chicken satay croquettes (4 units)

8.00 €

Grilled free-range chicken, marinated with turmeric,

ginger, coconut milk, coriander and cumin.


Thistle mushrooms and Choi Pack

8.50 €

Grilled Glazed Thistle Mushrooms, Pack Choi

 confit with majada of mint and peanuts.


Smoked sardine with corn textures

9.50 €

Hickory vine-smoked sardine with

corn textures


Leeks at low temperature, Miso and truffle

8.70 €

Leeks at low temperature, finished on charcoal, with miso,

truffle, hazelnuts and arugula.


Fried artichokes with roasted red pepper, Idiazabal and anchovy

12.00 €

Artichokes at low temperature and fried, anchovies

l’escala, red pepper and Idiazabal


Iberian pork cannelloni massaman style (4und)

12.00 €

Iberian pork cannelloni cooked at low temperature with

Thai and Malay influence.


Madras lentil curry

16.50 €

Madras curry of beluga lentils


Red mullet curry

16.90 €

Red mullet at low temperature, with Mediterranean curry

kerala style


Eggs with blood sausage and kokotxas

17.50 €

Potato parmentier, low-temperature egg, kokotxas

with garlic and Wagyu blood sausage


Ris de veau – Parmentier – Lettuce cream

18.50 €

Veal sweetbreads, romaine lettuce cream, potatoes



Our Carrot Cake

7.80 €

Cinnamon and chocolate carrot cake


Chocolate and hazelnut coulant

7.80 €