Chicken satay croquettes (4 units)

8,00 €     

Grilled free-range chicken, marinated with turmeric,

ginger, coconut milk, coriander and cumin.


Steamed cockles with green curry 

13,50 €

In green curry, “king size” cockles with julienne

red onion, coriander, chili and ginger


“Trinxat” with roasted pepper, ponzu of its juice and wagyu blood sausage 

 11,50 €

Our version of a classic, with wagyu blood sausage,

cream of roasted pepper, ponzu and pork rind


Grilled calçots with noisette butter, truffle and Idiazabal

12,50 €

Calçots DO Valls grilled, with truffle, noisette butter

and spheres of Idiazabal


Eggplants with miso dengaku, Katsuboshi and low temperature fried egg


Eggplant tartare with miso, low temperature egg and

dry bonito flakes.


Madras Lentil Curry

15,50 €

Madras curry of beluga lentils with Iberian dewlap.


Mediterranean prawn curry

16,90 €

Prawn tails, with Kerala-style Mediterranean curry


Misono mackerel with grilled cauliflower puree

16,50 €

Grilled cauliflower, Shio-Koji-matured mackerel, miso and sake.


Low temperature pork ribs glazed Thai style


Boneless rack of ribs, glazed in juice, Thai style


Veal gizzard with parmentier, mushroom thistle and pak choi


Veal gizzard, parmentier potatoes, thistle

mushroom and pak choi


Yuzu croissant-xuxo, cream cheese and confit kumquat 



Our Chocolate and cinnamon Carrot cake                                                          7,80€